Blind Whino now occupies the historic Friendship Baptist Church build in 1886. We plan to use the 15,000+ square feet of space to create a unique experience for our guests.

In Cabaret We Trust

Set in the 2020s, the popular anti-establishment Cabaret in the heart of DC has become a thorn in the side of the government. Can the Cabaret be saved?


Immersive theatre allows us to deliver a completely different experience for each audience member and let the audience explore the world at a pace they're comfortable with.


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  • [TBDImmersive's] ability to create immersive experiences through unique use of space and storytelling is unparalleled. They are courageous in his thought process which turns out results grander than expected. I can't recommend [TBDImmersive] enough for their ingenuity and expertise in managing so many intricate moving parts.
    Kim Bryden
    TEDx Mid-Atlantic Collaborator
  • The evening was magical!
    Cierra Mooney
    Mulebone/Busboys & Poets Event Director
  • We had a blast at the TBD Immersive New Years Cabaret event! Interacting with the characters, following their stories, and really being immersed in their world was a fun way to step outside of daily life. And the performances and costuming were gorgeous - glitter beards are the next big thing. I hope DC gets to see more of this.
    Joseph Breems
    DC Policy Analyst & Concerned Citizen