TBD (Tradition Be Damned) Immersive believes in creating art that blurs the line between audience and performer. We strive to create new worlds — in the spirit of Sleep No More and Westworld — where the audience is safe to explore and challenged to step outside their comfort zone. By moving the audience from a passive observer to an active participant in our stories, we encourage audience members to truly connect with one another and the performers, deepening their understanding and empathy, and increasing their retention and engagement in a co-created storyline.


Who Are We?

Strother Gaines – Artistic Director & Creator

Strother is the artistic director and founder of TBD Immersive. Past directing credits include the 2016 TEDx Mid-Atlantic Immersive “Welcome to the Family”, THE Theatre Company’s “House of Yes”,  Sold-out fringe hit “Ambien Date Night” and Best of Fringe pick “The Dish”. He is a business and personal coach for entrepreneurs and small businesses as well as a public speaker and corporate facilitator via his private practice “But I’m a Unicorn, Dammit!”. As an artist and entrepreneur he is passionately committed to the ideals of authenticity, connection, and storytelling as well as helping as many people as possible own up to the fact that they’re a unique fu&%ing snowflake. He looks pretty good in purple. (www.tbdimmersive.com & www.unicorndammit.com)

Jenny Splitter – Playwright & Producer

Jenny Splitter is a writer, producer and storyteller. Her work has appeared in SlateNew York MagazineSalon and other outlets. She wrote and produced the Capital Fringe productions H Street Housewives and The Dish, and has also written short plays for DC’s One Minute Play Festival and Swan Day. She performs her own true, occasionally embarrassing stories about herself on stage, most often with DC’s Story District, for audiences at the 9:30 Club, the National Gallery of Art and the Birchmere, and also that one episode of the Risk! podcast. In Cabaret We Trust is her second project with TBD Immersive. She also worked as a primary collaborator.writer for “Welcome to the Family” for TedX Mid-Atlantic.

Dana Malone – Producer & Improvisation Director

Dana Malone is a professional coach and improv instructor. Recognized for her “versatile wackiness” by the Washington Post, Dana is a regular performer at Washington Improv Theater (WIT) and Dojo Comedy. She is director of WIT’s all-female ensemble, The October Issue. Dana has performed in a variety of national festivals including Baltimore Improv Festival, Chicago Improv Festival, Del Close Marathon, District Improv Festival, TEDx MidAtlantic conference and Women in Comedy Festival. She is an avid cheese lover who can’t say no to karaoke.