The Resistance is fracturing. 

One year after the populist Republic carried out the execution-style shooting of a journalist on the Cabaret’s main stage, the Resistance has retreated to the only safe haven left: the Dupont Underground. Sheltered in the abandoned tunnels with grifters and ghosts, the movement is splintering under the weight of rumors of collusion, a rising radical faction and a brand-new threat–an outsider who can shut everything down with one wire transfer.
Can the Resistance rise from the Underground? And who will lead them if they can?

Welcome to TBD Immersive’s Cabaret Rising: a one-of-a-kind immersive theatrical evening where your decisions impact every aspect of your experience. Choose an alliance, uncover puzzles and meet a contortionist or two.

It’s more than a ticket– it’s access to another world.

Cabaret Rising: One Nation Underground

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