Advance tickets are available through our website and we strongly encourage you to purchase ahead of time. The information you received prior to the show can be crucial to your experience, so while for some shows, limited tickets are available at the door, we still strongly encourage you to maximize your experience and purchase ahead of time. See the show ticketing page for more information. For ticketing assistance, please contact

To arrange for a group of 10 or more, please contact us at least 48 hours prior to the performance you wish to attend at

Most of our shows are geared towards adults, ages 18 and older.

Because many of our experiences aren’t held in traditional theatre spaces or even ordinary buildings, we unfortunately cannot guarantee that a venue is ADA accessible. Please see the ticketing page for show-specific accessibility information and contact to discuss any concerns in advance of the performance.

For most of our experiences, as little as possible! Come unburdened as best you can.

No. We recognize that life happens and things can run out of your control but due to the unique nature of our performances we are unable to accommodate late seating. Our events are specifically timed and entry into the world comes with certain ground rules and common information necessary to the safety of our performers and other audience members. Please budget to arrive early if you are concerned at all about missing your start time.  

Because our experiences are interactive and partly-improvised, it’s impossible to identify all of the content in advance. Our shows often deal with dark and difficult subject matter, including issues that touch on sex, violence and identity. That said, if there are scripted scenes that deal with particularly challenging topics we will include a CW list. If you have any specific concerns, please email us at

You will be an active participant in the performance, which is highly interactive and customized. Think of the show as a world to explore rather than a play that you watch. While there will be plenty of listening and observing, you will not be delivered an entire story all wrapped up in a neat package. We made this world for you. (It’s pretend, we made it up!). To get the most out of this experience, we encourage you to be present and engage with the space, the performers and your fellow travelers.