Set in the 2020s, In Cabaret We Trust told the story of DC’s struggling Resistance Cabaret, fighting to stay alive in the capital of the populist-controlled Republic. Congress has revoked DC’s Home Rule, and an ultra-conservative lesbian Senator now controls the city, which she regards as little more than a filthy, liberal swamp. Under increasing pressure from her constituents to shut down the Cabaret (Is #CabaretGate real? Or fake news?), the Senator has chosen tonight to make her big move.

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Creative Team

  • Artistic Director & Creator: Strother Gaines
  • Producer & Playwright: Jenny Splitter
  • Producer & Improvisation Director: Dana Malone
  • Producer & Vague Consulting Writer: Jessica Bylander
  • Sideshow & Variety Entertainment Coordinator: Atomic Doll Productions
  • Lighting Designer: James Morrison (provided by Artist Concept Groups)
  • Movement Coordinator: Zana Gankhuyag
  • Mask Consultant/Creator: Tara Cariaso
  • Makeup Artist/Designer: Joy Johnson
  • Devising Artist: Katie Maconaughey
  • Booth Operative: Elizabeth Fulton  

Core Cast

  • Angelique – Chaseedaw Giles
  • Chuck Ariel – Matthew Gibeson
  • Lila Rose – Catherine Deadman
  • Madame Martine – Amanda Haddock
  • Mandi Ariel – Zoe Walpole
  • MC – D Scott Graham
  • Senator Johnson – Marissa Goodstone

Fabric Cast

  • Melanie Boyer
  • Kathleen Burnard
  • Darnell Eaton
  • Lida Benson
  • Andrew Dominic Filicicchia
  • Allison Frisch
  • Emily Gilson
  • Molly Graham
  • Maura Claire “MC” Harford
  • Alex Kazanas
  • Kaitlin Kemp
  • Beth Lyons
  • Colleen Parker
  • Annetta Sawyer
  • Ray Simeon
  • Dakota Schuck
  • Heather Marie Vitale

Cabaret and Sideshow Performers

  • Members of Peculiarity Productions
  • Lauren Hanyock
  • Samantha Kacos
  • Shanna Lim
  • Erin Muessig
  • Eva Mystique
  • Alyssum Pohl
  • Acrolesque – Dean Hively & Elise Foster

Visual Artists

  • Nando Alvarez
  • John Detrich
  • Em Grosland
  • Herrin Hopper
  • Hope Sorenson