Everyone needs a place to kick back and enjoy a cup o’ Joe – even if you’re a supernatural being charged with keeping order in the Universe.

The Legends are each responsible for a facet of the human experience…which is a lot of work, that in turn requires a lot of pie. For a limited time only, we are opening up this Legendary Diner to you, our beloved humans. Snag a ticket and we’ll pair you with one of our Legends to accompany your three course meal. Rest assured your Legendary pairing will be carried out in strict accordance with the laws of science. Please beware of chaos, gluten and uninvited guests.

Original Cast and Creative Team

  • Producing Artistic Director: Strother Gaines
  • Playwright and Devising Lead: Jenny Splitter
  • Producer: Dana Malone
  • Jan (Order) – Rachel Messbauer
  • Tuck (Chaos) – Melanie Boyer & D. Scott Graham
  • Flo/Helen – Molly Graham
  • Crystal (Religion) – Molly Murchie
  • Eddie (Innovation) – Saleh Karaman
  • Marie (Innovation) – Marissa Goodstone
  • Clara (Celebrity) – Chaseedaw Giles
  • Peg (Small Town Values) – Cate Minichino
  • Oliver (Justice) – Bam Alston
  • Sam (America) – Diana Arnold
  • Swing for Clara & Peg – Marissa Goodstone
  • Swing for Crystal – Melanie Boyer

House Managers, Servers, and Ticketing Team

  • Marshall Bradshaw
  • Micah Haddock
  • Kate Gorman
  • Tony Lopez
  • Rachel Pendergrass
  • Daniel Riker
  • Dakota Schuck
  • Ariana Tobias
  • Kate Zimmerman

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