You’re invited to the most anticipated social event of the year! The Westcott family is hosting their annual extravagant birthday party for their dear twins, Drew and Astrid. On the anniversary of the mysterious death of their mother Elizabeth, the family strives to keep their traditions sacred even as they welcome new blood. The All is One.

Outside, the world lies in turmoil as the Republic grows violent and the Resistance struggles to stay alive. It’s an evening full of secrets, lies, intrigue and power—no matter who you follow or where your loyalties lie.

The Westcotts do love a good theme party. This year we celebrate the “Gods and Goddesses” in a nod to Elizabeth’s love of mythology and art. Audience members dressed in their best interpretation of the theme are more likely to be selected for unique experiences. So dress to impress.

Help uncover the truths of one of the darkest choose-your-own-adventure immersive experiences that TBD has ever presented. With 30+ characters to interact with, you’ll find unique one-on-one experiences and a different mystery every time.

Discover why DC Metro Theater Arts says our work is “…close to sensory overload in the best way.

Original Cast and Creative Team

Please Note:
The show is a fully devised piece that includes both scripted scenes and improvised interactions with our audience. Our creative team begins by creating the world, including a sketch of the characters and their narrative arc for the evening. Actors bring the characters to life, working together with the creative team to flesh out the objectives of each character so they can fully inhabit the world of Under(world).”

Creative Team
Producing Artistic Director: Strother Gaines
Producing Improvisational Director: Dana Malone Heiser
Devising Playwright and Producing Story Director: Jenny Splitter
Associate Producer: Marissa Goodstone
Quest Designers: Marshall Bradshaw, Nerissa Hart
Props Artisan: Colleen Parker
Costuming: Deborah Lash
Marketing Lead: Alysa Turner

Core Cast
James Westcott – Don Myers
Marilena Westcott – Karen Lange
Astrid Westcott – Nerissa Hart
Drew Westcott – Marshall Bradshaw/Marissa Goodstone
Sophie Byron – Emily Collins
Lauren Cargill – Rachel Messbauer
Madam Meredith Martine – Amanda Haddock
Capt. Raine Mitchell – Rikki Frohmader
Val Parker – Melanie Boyer
John Riley – Keenan Gibson

Fabric Cast
Angel Armas – Erick Acuña
Angelique – Chaseedaw Giles
Pauline Barnes/Hestia – Annetta Dexter Sawyer
Brooklyn Bayard – Nell Quinn-Gibney
Anastasia Feodorovna – Natasha Preston
Rep. Addison Graves – Leo Delgado
Alex Hayes – Dakota Schuck
Pearl – Frances Bagette
Lila Rose – Catherine Deadman
Petra Thompson – Heather Marie Vitale
Virginia “Ginny” Westcott – Cate Minichino
Wallace Westcott – Daniel Riker
Mother Whisper – Beth Lyons
Dahlia Winthrop – Kristin Zeldes

Cabaret Performers
Peculiarity Productions performers
DivaFit performers
Francesca Armino
Bearcat Betty
Delilah Dentata
Elise Foster
Dean Hively
Samantha Kacos
Christian Kloc
Tricia Melka