Set in the 2020s, the popular, anti-establishment Cabaret in the heart of DC has become a thorn in the side of the government. The Senator, chair of the committee that controls DC, has just revoked home rule. The Cabaret highlights all that the populist government is steadfast against, and with political pressure mounting, the Senator is pressured to shut it down.

But, like everyone in this town, she has secrets. With tensions rising and the performers lives in peril, will the Senator’s lover tell all? Will the Senator lose everything?

Can the Cabaret be saved?

The immersive In Cabaret We Trust will highlight not only the acts on our mainstage, but the tangled web of stories within the walls. Pro-government and resistance news media are at odds to control the audience narrative, with guests gripped in the midst of it all.

The production will explore the concepts of power and control, as well as resistance and creation. In a time of chaos and secrets, what compromises are you willing to make?Which values are untouchable and which ones are you able to bend if not break?

Drawing on influences from the In Cabaret We Trust Republic Era, performers will build a world in which the line between audience member and performer is deeply blurred.

Following the success of the TEDx Mid-Atlantic Immersive Event Welcome to the Family, the creative team has banded together again to create a new piece that will live in the beautiful Blind Whino venue with the support of CulturalDC’s Space4Grant for the 2017-2018 season.