TBD Immersive Presents: Under(world)

Descend beneath Dupont Circle and discover a whole new (under)world just beneath your feet, where the veil between this life and the next is at its thinnest. In this intimate, hour-long guided experience, TBD Immersive has created a series of interactive installations that transforms the Dupont Underground into its latest repurposing — a passageway to the Underworld.

Journey from life to death or from death to life — depending on your assigned path — and explore the wonder, pain and beauty of the unknown. Peer into the kaleidoscope of our collective unconscious. Walk the road between worlds. No two journeys are ever alike. Only 10 tickets per experience.

Ashes to Ashes. The Underworld Awaits

Original Cast and Creative Team

Please Note:
The show is a fully devised piece that includes both scripted scenes and improvised interactions with our audience. Our creative team begins by creating the world, including a sketch of the characters and their narrative arc for the evening. Actors bring the characters to life, working together with the creative team to flesh out the objectives of each character so they can fully inhabit the world of Under(world).”

Creative Team
Producing Artistic Director – Strother Gaines
Devising Playwright & Story Director – Jenny Splitter
Producing Improvisation Director – Dana Malone Heiser
Choreographer – LaMae Caparas
Costume Designer – Deborah Lash
Costume Designer – Colleen Parker
Sound Designer – Rikki Frohmader
Music Remix – Frederik Rubens

Life Track Guides
Lida Benson
Rikki Frohmader
Keenan Gibson
Jasmine Jones
Rachel Messbauer
Gabe Peyton
Nell Quinn-Gibney
Alex Reeves
Annetta Dexter Sawyer
Cate Minichino (u/s)

Additional Voice Actors
Marshall Bradshaw
Karen Lange
Tony Lopez
Dana Malone Heiser
Cate Minichino
Kristin Zeldes

Special Thanks
Charles Elliot
Jeremy Foster
Nicole Isaac
Bonnary Lek
Tony Lopez
Chris Riddle
Adam Shames
Alysa Turner
Dupont Underground

Production Team
Designer – Will Lowry
Technical Director – Justin Hicks of INCITE Colorado
Assistant to the Designer – Peter Adams
Associate Producer – Cate Minichino
Associate Producer – Heather Marie Vitale
Phone Imagineer – Morgan Ward
Intern – Doi Kim

Death Track Guides
Claire Aniela
Florence Babatunde
Kristen Briscoe
Leo Delgado
Marissa Goodstone
D. Scott Graham
Nerissa Hart
Matthew Marcus
Natasha Preston
Heather Marie Vitale (u/s)

 House Management Team

Ian Bannon
Mela Boyer
Marshall Bradshaw
Tyra Branch
Micah Haddock
Caroline Howe
Jullian Kline
Karen Lange
Tony Lopez
Ashley Nichols
Raechel Patrese
Alex Reeves
Adam Shames
Ariana Tobias