Blind Whino now occupies the historic Friendship Baptist Church built in 1886. Its facade showcases an eclectic use of Victorian and Romanesque architectural styles combined with Gothic Revival and Queen Anne elements. The facility was re-imagined in October 2012 by artist HENSE and later re-purposed in August 2013 to serve as art space.

Now, there is 15,000+ square feet of space for us to create and explore. While there is a mainstage cabaret space where a majority of the “act based” performances will take place (photo, far right), we plan to utilize every area of the venue to create unique experiences for our guests. Performance spaces will range from small closets to the large mainstage cabaret space (pictured far right). For additional photos and venue information, visit

Aerialists hanging from the stairwell, contortionists hidden in closets and monologues delivered in bathroom stalls are all performance possibilities, providing a wide range of engagements for audience members willing to explore.