For TBD, experiential design is anchored in providing the audience with explicit and unparalleled agency. We carefully craft worlds, spaces, stories and moments with the audience’s journey specifically in mind. We strive to create something that our audience collaborators can lose themselves in — to try on a different reality or persona and explore new parts of themselves. Our audience members are co-creators who help to shape the world, impact the story and ultimately craft their own unique experience.

Our productions are unlike any traditional theatre experience you’ve encountered. As soon as you set foot into a TBD venue, you’ll be transported from present day to somewhere (or some when) completely new. Our venues include varied and innovative performance spaces – closets, bathrooms, gallery space, stairwells, backstage wings and bar areas – allowing for interactive performances to happen simultaneously throughout the evening.

Our shows are about more than sitting back and watching theatre happen, they’re about exploring a world you help us create together. You’re free to customize your own journey by seeking out your favorite character, diving head first into a puzzle quest or trying to uncover the web of secrets that make up the multi-faceted story.

There is no single right or wrong way to experience the evening, and every person gets their own unique journey — every time. Looking for a choose-your-own-adventure book in real life?

Join us.

Tradition Be Damned.